Spend Christmas in Europe for less with travel deals and discount codes

Christmas time is coming and if you’re thinking of spending Christmas away from home this year, Europe offers a wealth of fantastic destinations to experience a truly magical Christmas.

Rovaniemi, Finland

One place to experience the spirit of Christmas is none other than the official hometown of Santa Claus himself in Rovaniemi, Finland. If you simply can’t wait for him to come to you, why not go to his house instead. You can enjoy the magical experience of husky-dog rides and reindeer safaris whilst staying in luxury wood cabins or even an ice hotel, made entirely of snow and ice.


Reykjavík, Iceland

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to witness the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, is the where you need to be. Covered with dazzling holiday lights and snow, the city has been known to turn off its street lights on exceptionally clear nights so that residents and tourists can see the breathtaking natural light show flashing across the dark night’s sky in all it’s glory.

Bergen, Norway

What about spending your Christmas holiday in the place with the biggest gingerbread town in the world? Bergen, in Norway, is a fantastic place to get you in Christmas mood with cobbled streets decorated with lights, pine trees and breathtaking scenery. The Gingerbread Town is a miniature city with a difference, houses, trains, cars and ships are all entirely made of gingerbread!

Bruges, Belgium

Perhaps a bit closer to home, being only an hours drive from Calais, is Bruges, Belgium. With the majority of its medieval era architecture intact, including the clock tower made famous by Colin Farrell and co in the film In Bruges, a leisurely stroll through the city, with its numerous Christmas Grotto’s, famed Belgian hot Chocolate, glittery lights and a light dusting of snow (if you’re lucky), makes for a truly unforgettable Christmas experience.

European Christmas Markets

If you do fancy spending Christmas in Europe, you simply can’t get completely into the Christmas spirit without a visit to the famed Christmas markets. One of the oldest and best known is in Strasbourg, France, with over 300 chalets spread out over around 11 locations across the city. Christmas markets are particularly magical in Germany and Austria, with top picks including Cologne, Munich, Vienna, Heidelberg and Dresden.

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Merry Christmas