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Student Discount Codes & 4 Other Ways To Save Money At University

As a student, you’ll be feeling the pinch financially. You’re paying out so much for your tuition and housing that it feels like there’s nothing left. How can you enjoy the student experience if you’re struggling for cash? Luckily, there is a way.

There’s plenty of ways to save money while you’re studying. Here’s 5 ways you can do exactly that and still enjoy your time at university.

1. Get an NUS Extra Card

When you start at university, you’ll be told all about student discount cards. Some students tend to dismiss them, as you have to pay a fee to get one. However, that fee is nominal and you’ll save that much in just a couple of purchases. Your card will work on travel, clothing, food, and all kinds of entertainment expenses. While you’re studying, you’d be mad not to get one of these cards first.

Student discount Codes uk

2. Stay On Top Of Your Finances

You may have never dealt with finances before, so now’s the time to learn. Firstly, you’ll need to check your bank statements regularly. You can do this easily online. Make a habit of it, and you’ll see where all of your cash goes. Secondly, keep on top of your bills. If you’re living in halls, this will be easy as most utilities will be covered in your rent. Finally, make a budget and stick to it. That way, there’ll be no nasty surprises when your bank statement comes in.

3. Use Student Discount Codes (UK)

Your parents may have clipped coupons, but you have it much easier. Get online and get searching for student discount codes in the UK. You’ll find that there’s hundreds of deals out there that you can take advantage of. These range from your clothes, all the way up to gig tickets and events. If you can combine these with your regular student discount, then even better. Make sure you keep up to date with online deals, and you can save a packet.

Student discount Codes

4. Buy Your Groceries On A Budget

When you first go shopping, it’s tempting to grab everything that you like the look of. If you shop that way though, you’ll find you’ll run out of cash quick. Instead, make a plan. Think about what you’re going to need for the week. Make meal plans and only buy for them. Take advantage of supermarket ‘value’ ranges too. These are markedly cheaper, yet you’ll get the same product as if you bought a branded item. This is especially true if you’re buying household and cleaning products.

5. Think Before You Buy

The best rule to live by is to think before you spend. Don’t buy items on impulse. Give it a day, and see what you think. You’ll soon find that a lot of items that you couldn’t live without will never end up in your home.

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