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  • Make big savings when you book a hotel at the same time
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  • Flight ratings you insight into the quality of the flight

How to get the best deal on flights

Be flexible on your travel dates

If possible, one of the easiest ways to make big savings is to allow for 1 or 2 days either side of your ideal travel dates. By flying on days that are less popular, you’re far more likely to pick up discounted rates. The same goes for flight times. Flights that land really late or take off really early might be more inconvenient, but they can often attract much bigger savings simply because the airline struggles to fill seats. If you do end up flying at odd times, do make sure that airport transfers or public transport are still available and are still affordable at those times.

Mix and match

Gone are the days when it would definitely be cheaper, and certainly easier, to book a return ticket with the same airline. It can now often be cheaper to book outbound and inbound flights with separate airlines. Price search tools like Expedia’s above make this really easy, since they’ll automatically show you flights from different airlines. This also allows you ultimate flexibility on your arrival and departure times. The same can also be true of multi-leg outbound or inbound flights. However, booking multi-leg flights with different airlines can sometimes mean you have to pass immigration checks at your intermediate airline so make sure you check before you book.

Use discount codes

Airlines know all too well than travellers are always in search of a good deal. As a result, most regularly advertise special offers, sales programs and discount codes which can significantly help bring down the cost of your travel. Discount codes can be difficult to find sometimes, but here at Zohos we have dedicated pages for the major airlines plus an entire category devoted to all the current top flight offers. Make sure you check them out before you book.

Check nearby airports and fly indirect

It might sound obvious but most major cities often have more than 1 airport and it can sometimes actually work out cheaper to fly slightly out of town. You might have to endure a slightly longer and more expensive transfer but this can often be offset by huge savings in the cost of the flight. With Expedia’s flight search above, you can easily include nearby airports in the search results by choosing a city rather than a specific airport. Don’t automatically assume it will be cheaper however, flights to the main hub airports are likely to be more popular and so may feature special offers more often.